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Glitch hop bomb by Krafty Kuts - Beats Radio | Canada's EDM Station

Glitch hop bomb by Krafty Kuts


We all need some glitch hop in our lives. And if you don’t know what glitch hop is. . . shame on you! Seriously. Anyways, if this is your first time hearing of such genre. Don’t worry, you are about to dive in head firsts into the deep end of the pool. Glitch hop, or more easily know as ‘Glitch’ music. Is style of music that incorporates various music techniques such as repeaters, sweeps cutting, skipping, repeating, chopping and bit crush reduction. . . so pretty much everything awesome in the world.

Now that you are up to speed, let me introduce you to Kraffy Kuts,a multi-award winning DJ/producer and some may say, the undisputed King Of breaks. And we agree! One of his latest projects ‘Back to Flow’, should pretty much give you a all you need to fall in love with this style of music. Enjoy music lovers.

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Back to flow – Krafty Kuts

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