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New Music by ZHU - Beats Radio | Canada's EDM Station

New Music by ZHU


If you listen to Faded from time to time, then you know exactly how i feel right now. There is a very powerful feeling that emanates from the music that ZHU creates. Here are a couple of words that come to mind that might describe his sounds; passion, respect, love, soul, and so on.

Just recently I had to add “exquisite” to the list. Because I got the change to listen to “Generrationwhy” a brand new single by the Chinese American musician.

The intricacy of his latest single is divine, the intro leads with a very emotional sound, followed by a cool build up with the help of some smooth chords that mesh perfectly with the easy listening beat. Topped off with some outstanding vocals and for the epic “cherry on top” you get some heart stopping guitar strings.

Now go listen to GENERATIONWHY!!!!!!!

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