Kontroller Project – Magic Sound Podcast

TUESDAYS AT 13:00 MST ON 👉 www.beatsradio.ca/player

Kontroller Project is an electronic music duo from Donetsk (Ukraine) composed of Max Nemo and Gena Zeon. They specialize in Progressive-Trance style music. Enormous work has been poured onto the project. Always experimenting with different sounds and styles, making sure to always keep a strong musical foundation while still being unique and above all, focusing on the quality of the final product. Back in 2014 the electronic duo started the Magic Sound Radio Show and has not looked back since. With high quality tracks and melodic vocals, Max and Gena have stayed true to their roots and delivered a true Trance inspired mix show.

You can now catch this show on our radio station every first and last week of the month on Tuesdays at 13:00 MST www.beatsradio.ca/player

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